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        How to Easily Remove a Broken Downstem from Your Bong

        How to Easily Remove a Broken Downstem from Your Bong
        Nobody likes it when their bong breaks, and a common issue is having a broken downstem. This can be a tricky –– and sticky job. But fear not, because we have an effective solution. In this guide, we'll help you get that broken downstem out of your bong!

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        Can You Put Your Bong in the Dishwasher?

        Can You Put Your Bong in the Dishwasher?
        Cleaning your bong can be tricky business. If you’ve ever tried to get all of the tough resin out of your glass piece, then you know that it can be time-consuming and tedious. But is there an easier way? Many people have wondered — could you just throw your bong in the dishwasher? Let’s take a look at what we know about cleaning bongs with dishwashers.

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        How To Spot Fake RooR Glass Bongs In 2023

        How to tell if a ROOR glass bong is fake
        Like many popular high-ticket designer products, fakes are notorious for flooding the market to rip off consumers. RooR®'s worldwide success in the counterculture industry made them an unfortunate target for knockoffs. Their pipes are sold everywhere across the globe and even down the street in your local smoke shop. So, how can you tell if the RooR you bought or want to purchase is legit?

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        Diamond Glass Review | Should You Buy Their Bongs?

        diamond glass review


        Picture this — You walk into a local headshop. The shop is filled with the scent of burning incense along with Jimmy Hendrix's "Purple Haze" playing softly in the background.

        In the midst of browsing through some dull-looking glass, one particular glass brand seizes your attention: Diamond Glass Company. 

        diamond glass bongsIt's no surprise why Diamond Glass would capture the eye of any glass enthusiast; however, before pulling the trigger you're left with many questions. So you decide to do your research. 

        Which brings you here today! We'll go in-depth into reviewing Diamond Glass to further assist you deciding making a purchase.

        Diamond glass beaker bong

        What is Diamond Glass?

        Diamond Glass Company, better known as Diamond Glass produces high-quality scientific bongs, dab-rigs, pipes, ash-catchers and more. They've been known in the glass industry for quite some years now. Diamond Glass has consistently contributed an array of cool designs and innovated function to improve every smoker's experience.

        diamond glass inc

        are diamond glass bong american?

        How are Diamond Bongs made?

        Their bongs are composed of Boro (or borosilicate) scientific glass. This contributes to Diamond Glass' clean and crisp quality. Unlike cheap regular glass, this type of glass will not crack under extreme temperatures due to an element in Boro glass called boron trioxide. Boron Trioxide allows for a low coefficient of thermal expansion to take on high heat. In other words, it's great glass quality!

        boro glass

        What makes Diamond Glass special?

        Diamond Glass has a great selection of all types of glass for you to choose from. They seemingly dedicate themselves on providing highly functional pieces. With an array of percolators and diffusers, their pipes are guaranteed to produce smooth tokes. A key reason why Diamond Glass is so popular is that their emphasis on function is usually priced high by other competitors. Luckily, DG makes their fancy bongs affordable for every stoner to enjoy. 

        diamond glass review

        4 Reasons Why Smokers Choose Diamond Glass

        1. Ergonomic — Diamond Glass creates each of their pieces specially made for your comfort. You can bet that each pipe sits comfortably in your paw and each tube is conveniently made for daily use.
        2. Functionality — Along with a variety of diffusers and percs, Diamond Bongs have a great balance between volume and water ratio. Most smokers can agree that Diamond Glass produces very smooth hits.
        3. Affordable – Their bongs are one of the more affordable bongs in the market. Considering some of their pieces include a lot of percs, they're still priced lower than other brands like ROOR or ZOB.
        4. Quality – Diamond Glass utilizes 5mm thick quality glass in most of their bongs. Their crisp welds along with their thick joints and strong connections make these bongs durable and built to last if taken care of.

        Some popular bongs by Diamond Glass include:


        diamond glass 65mm bong with quad showerhead perc

        This bong is stacked with 4 showerheads and features a huge 65mm tube. Smoke gets diffused through four showerhead percolators for a clean, smooth, smoking experience. There is a little-to-no drag when ripping this piece. Spark up a fat bowl of Cherry OG and watch this bong get filled with smooth milky smoke. It's excellent for concentrates as well. It's constructed from 5mm thick boro glass. This bong isn't easily tipped over and is extra sturdy as it holds some weight.


        10" Matrix Perc Beaker Bong with a newly modernized design and includes the same great functionality that Diamond Glass promises. This beaker bong by Diamond Glass consists of thick-quality 5mm glass tubing for enhanced durability. Standing at a moderate 10" Inches in height, this matrix beaker bong serves as a great daily driver and you can pass it around effortlessly for all to enjoy! It showcases a sleek curved beaker design and a flared curved top, creating a modern twist on the original beaker style.



        diamond glass ufo bong


        Diamond Glass crafted this beaker bong with a considerable amount of functionality. Featuring dual-chambers and an elegant UFO percolator. Smoke gets cooled and filtered via diffusers downstem through the first chamber, followed by extra percolation through its 2nd chamber creating a smoothly enhanced rip.


        diamond glass clear beaker
        Diamond Glass presents this clean classic beaker bong. Consisting of 5mm thick glass tubing, and a broad 50mm tubing diameter. This beaker bong demonstrates Diamond Glass's lustrous quality and guarantees a pleasantly robust experience. Its 5-inch wide base and its 50mm tube retain an ample amount of smoke to satisfy true heavy hitters. It features a classic 3-notch ice catcher, giving you the option to fill it with ice cubes to produce an extra smooth inhalation. A removable 18mm/14mm 6-slit diffuser stem and a 14mm ground glass slide are included. Manufactured in Southern California, USA. Available in 16"-Inch or 18-inch*

        Bongs, The Coolest Way To Smoke!

        Bongs, The Coolest Way To Smoke!

        What Is A Bong (And How To Use One)

        There are several ways to smoke and enjoy cannabis. One of the most popular is by using a bong.

        A bong is also known as a water pipe. It’s used to enhance the experience and reduce the temperature of the smoke.

        Bongs come in all different shapes and sizes and can be made from a host of materials, such as glass, metal, bamboo and more.

        But no matter what they may be made from, or look like, they all pretty much work in the same fashion. Everything else is left to the designer.

        The remainder of this guide will explain the history of the bong, its anatomy, how it’s used and the benefits of using it.

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