Mini Bongs

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  • 8" inch beaker bong by diamond glass
    mini beaker bong diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® 8” Mini Beaker Bong
    $49.99 $67.00
  • trident glass kampers
    kamper bong
    Trident Glass 10" Kamper Fumed Bong
    From $99.99
    From $99.99 $133.00
  • diamond glass 8" inch bong with a showerhead perc
    mini beaker bong with dome perc by diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® 8" Beaker Bong W/ Showerhead Perc
    From $89.99
    From $89.99 $133.00
  • mini straight bong single notch ice catcher
    modern diamond glass straight tube bong 8 inches tall
    Diamond Glass® 8” Straight Bong 2.0
    $49.99 $80.00
  • Rick & Morty 10" Glow-In-The-Dark Beaker Bong
    Rick & Morty 10" Glow-In-The-Dark Beaker Bong
    Sold out
    Rick & Morty 10" Glow-In-The-Dark Beaker Bong
    $59.99 $80.00
  • diamond beast mode beaker bong by diamond glass in black and milk blue accents
    black diamond glass beast beaker water pipe
    Diamond Glass® Beast-Mode Beaker Bong
    $109.99 $147.00
  • diamond glass minitube matrix bong
    matrix percolator in the diamond coil bong
    Diamond Glass® Mini Matrix Bubbler Bong
    $74.99 $95.00
  • cache mini bong with jar
    mj arsenal rig
    Cache Mini Beaker Bong w/ Jar
    From $89.00
    From $89.00 $119.00

Mini Bongs | Small Bongs


The mini bong is just that. A scaled down bong perfectly sized for enhanced portability. They offer all the benefits of filtration like any other bong except smaller. Due to their rather diminutive size they're more discreet, perfect for travel, and can be fit in any backpack for an easier portable experience. A key factor about smaller bongs are that they use less glass, so you're certain to save money due to lesser material cost. Our collection of mini bongs aren't to be underestimated in performance and functionality. Many of which feature percolators for extra diffusion, ice catchers for a cooler toke, or thick scientific glass for durability. They sure are guaranteed to enhance your smoking experience if you're seeking a smaller water pipe. Throw the mini bong in your backpack and you're good to go. Interested in making your hike just a little more interesting? A mini bong is ideal for you! Browse our collection to see which small bong is right for you.