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Trident Glass

Trident Glass of Eugene Oregon, USA produces amazingly drawn and sculpted handblown bongs using American borosilicate glass tubing. Established in 2003, they continue to produce the most gnarly bongs to carry on the same tradition that began 19 years ago.

Operation Pipedreams

Trident Glass began after operation pipe dreams to provide a new place for glassblowers to work from. For those who don't know the history of glassblowing — In 2003, the U.S. spent about $17 million in today's money busting headshops and glassblowers for selling cannabis pipes and bongs. Many shops were raided by the D.E.A. and left glassblowers without a home to produce the same amazing art we use today. We know, outrageous right?

Original Old School Bong Art

They've remained original to their style of art over the years. All of their bongs are handmade in Oregon, USA using American scientific glass. Ultimately using an original old school style with worked tops, 3D marbles, round fumed bases, classic millies and more! Shop our gallery of Trident Glass tubes to find the best bong that fits your preference!