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Beaker Bongs

Regardless of whether you are using legal herbs for medicinal or recreational purposes, beaker bongs serve the right

Beaker bongs are must-have accessories for every stoner — whether you are a first-timer or you have been around the block a couple of times.

Beaker bongs come in different shapes and sizes!

There are two major types of bongs — the straight tube and beaker bongs. While there are unending debates on which bong is best, we will arm you with the information you need to buy the best beaker bongs.

Beaker Bongs Are Strong and Stable

Just like the name suggests, beaker bongs are similar to the beakers you have in your chemistry lab. Unlike their straight tube counterparts, beaker bongs feature a cone-shaped or bubble bottom with a wide base. Its sturdy base offers more stability and strength.

So, you don't have to worry much about your bong getting knocked off the table and spilling its precious content.

Beaker Bongs Offers Better Hits/Pull

The broad base of these chic bongs generates more smoke and delivers generous and rapid hits. So, if you are looking to savor the taste of your herbs and enjoy tasty hits, you should get yourself a beaker bong — it holds more smoke and more smoke equals? You guessed right, more!

Beaker Bongs Are Easy to Handle

Because of their thoughtful size and shapes, beaker bongs are easy to handle and clean. You can quickly grab them and get elevated without spilling.

Beaker Bongs Has A Better Cooling Effect

One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that beaker bongs are bigger and offer more water capacity — or volume if you want to get technical.

In addition to its unique filtration system, the water in beaker bongs cools down the temperature of smoke reaching your mouth and your lungs. This signature cooling effect translates to tastier and smoother hits compared to tube bongs.

Beaker Bongs Filter More

Remember how we mentioned that beaker bongs offer a chiller and tastier hit? Well, there is more! These types of bongs also carry more water, which serves as a filter for the smoke. How does this work?

The water in the bong (which is more in a beaker bong) traps up to 90% of toxins and prevents unwanted substances from reaching your lungs — which is superb for cannabis users.

There you have it. Five top reasons why you should opt for sleek and artistic beaker bongs. While at it, we strongly advise that you go for the glass variant instead of the plastic and metal bongs. Why?

Both metal and plastic give up harmful toxins when you smoke through them because of heat. On the other hand, glass beaker bongs deliver cleaner and healthier smoke.

You are welcome to check out our exotic gallery of beaker bongs and treat yourself to a refreshing, smooth, and healthy hit!