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Are Smaller Dab Rigs Better For Dabs? The Essential Guide To Mini Rigs!

Are Smaller Dab Rigs Better For Dabs? The Essential Guide To Mini Rigs!

Get the Most Out of Your Smaller Dab Rig with These Essential Tips and Tricks ā€“ Including How to Choose the Right Materials, Find Optimal Temperatures, and Maintain Flavorful Rips Every Time!

1. What are smaller dab rigs and why are they becoming more popular

2. The benefits of using smaller dab rigs

3. How to use a small dab rig

4. The best small dab rigs on the market today

5. Tips for getting the most out of your smaller dab rig

smaller dab rigs why are they better

1. What are smaller dab rigs and why are they becoming more popular

More and more people are turning to smaller dab rigs as their preferred way to enjoy dabs. This is because smaller dab rigs have a number of advantages over larger rigs.

For one, they are more portable and easier to use on the go. Their chamber is smaller which can be essential for optimizing the flavor of your dabs. In addition, smaller dab rigs typically have a more compact design, making it easier for dosage control. This can help to produce a more enjoyable dabbing experience overall.

Mini dab rigs are smaller versions of the traditional glass water pipes that are used to vaporize and consume cannabis extracts. They have become increasingly popular due to their smaller size, which makes them much more portable than larger rigs. Additionally, it makes them easier and more convenient to take with you on the go.

small dab rigsĀ 

2. The benefits of using smaller dab rigs and are they better?

Smaller dab rigs offer a number of advantages over larger rigs when it comes to dabs. One of the major benefits is their smaller chamber size, which can be important for optimizing the flavor of your dabs. The smaller chamber means that vapor isĀ heldĀ through a smaller space, allowing for the preservation of terpenes. This results in a more flavorful dabbing experience because terpenes usually die the longer it stays in the chamber.

Another benefit is that smaller sized oil rigs are more portable and convenient to use than larger rigs. This makes them ideal for taking on the go, whether youā€™re at a friendā€™s house or out of town. Additionally, smaller rigs require less space and can fit comfortably in smaller cabinets or spaces that larger rigs simply cannot.

torch and nailĀ 

3. How to use a small dab rig

To use a mini dab rig, first gather everything you need: the mini rig, a nail or banger, wax or extract, and a torch or e-nail.

Set up the mini dab rig according to the instructions. Place the wax on the nail/banger. Heat it with the torch or e-nail. Inhale through the mouthpiece.

Taking a dab with a smaller dab rig is quite simple and can be done in just a few easy steps.

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need. You will need a small dab rig, a nail or banger, wax or concentrate, a torch or e-nail, and a carb cap or dome. Once you have all of these things, you can start your session!

To begin, heat up your nail or banger with either an open flame from a torch or an electric coil from an e-nail. Depending on what type of material you are using, you may need to heat the nail/banger at different temperatures.

Generally speaking, quartz nails should be heated between 500Ā°F and 700Ā°F while titanium nails should be heated around 700Ā°F - 800Ā°F. When the desired temperature has been reached, use your dabber tool to place your wax or concentrate onto the nail/banger surface. Be sure not to overheat it as that can cause scorching and damage both the taste and texture of your dabs.

After you put the wax or concentrate on the nail/banger, cover it with a carb cap or dome. This will help you control how much air goes in and out. Too much air will make the hit too hot and you will lose flavor.

Slowly inhale through the mouthpiece until all the vapor is gone. For best results take smaller sips until all of the concentrate has been vaporized; this will ensure optimal flavor and prevent waste due to excessive heat exposure.

Ā best mini rigs in 2022

4. The BestĀ Small Dab Rigs on the Market Today:

There are many factors to consider when selecting the idealĀ rig, such as price, size, design and quality.

mini recycler dab rigĀ 

The Microscope Recycler Dab Rig by Diamond Glass is a great way to consume your concentrates while getting fresh and flavorful hits.

Key Features:

  • The recycler system eliminates water from splashing into your mouth and the constant water cycling means that your vapor will retain its terps.
  • The angled mouthpiece offers excellent smoking comfort with it being pointed toward the smoker's mouth.
  • This dab rig is 6-inches tall, made from quality borosilicate glass, and features a color-accented joint and mouthpiece.

mj arsenal ursa dab rig

TheĀ Ursa Mini Rig by MJ ArsenalĀ is one of theĀ popular smaller dab rigs on the market and features a unique cooling chamber and integrated ash catcher.

Key Features:

  • The Ursa is palm-sized, portable dab rig that delivers hits unrivaled by glass even twice its size.
  • The Ursa Mini Dab Rig works by pulling through its reinforced, base connected discus percolator. Vapor is split into tiny bubbles for maximum water diffusion before being spun into a vortex for a second rinse in the internal chamber.
  • With all of this functionality packed into a palm size, youā€™ll find Ursa Mini Dab Rig to be a portable 10mm dab rig that delivers hits unrivaled by glass even twice its size.

pulsar vapor dab rig

The Duality Sphere Mini Rig by Pulsar is a small, compact rig that delivers dense, flavorful vapor hits.

Key Features:

  • The rig is made from quality borosilicate glass and has aĀ tiny size of 5 inches tall.
  • The Duality Sphere features a bent neck and flared mouthpiece for your dabbing comfort.
  • The small size makes the rig easier to hide when necessary and a cinch to store.

freeze pipe mini rig

The Freeze Pipe Mini RigĀ features an iconic design, that combines function and glycerin cooling power.

Key Features:

  • A percolator in the bottom chamber begins filtration, while connecting arms transfer water and smoke back-and-forth between the top and bottom chamber. This action further merges hot smoke with cool cleansing water to improve smoothness.
  • The Freeze Pipe includes a glycerin coil for intense cooling power, domed walls for maximum flavor, a wide thick base to handle clumsy friends and heavy attachments, and a premium core reactor quartz banger.

diamond glass 8 arm tree perc dab rig

This bubbler by Diamond Glass isn't "mini", but still on a smaller scale with a 6" chamber. It's equipped with a powerful 10-arm tree percolator for smooth rips.

Key Features:

  • Each of the perc's 10 arms has 2 slits on the bottom to maximize diffusion.
  • With the tree perc, smoke gets broken into microbubbles, resulting in a cool, fresh, pull.
  • This bong has a splash guard to suppress water from splashing through the mouthpiece.
  • Made from thick, heavy, and durable borosilicate glass. Includes quartz nail banger.


5. Tips for getting the most out of your smaller dab rig

  1. Smaller dab rigs don't require as much heat, so use a digital thermometer to find the sweet spot temperature
  2. Make sure you have adequate airflow when using smaller rigs - this will help keep the chamber from becoming too hot
  3. Use a carb cap or dome to control airflow while keeping heat inside the small chamber
  4. Smaller rigs usually come with smaller nails/bangers which require less concentrate for each dab; this makes them perfect for taking small ripsĀ 
  5. When selecting materials for smaller dab rigs, quartz is often considered one of the best options due its ability to maintain an even temperature. All while still providing excellent flavor throughout sessions.

wax concentrate

Ā Small dab rigs may seem like something you don't need, but they can actually be really good if you get a good one. Be sure to look into what comes with it, like quartz pearls and thermal bangers. These can make low-temperature dabs even better.

Also, don't forget to clean your small dab rig after each use! If you follow these tips, you can improve your dabbing experience. Ready to take the plunge? Shop small dab rigs here.

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