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How to Easily Remove a Broken Downstem from Your Bong

No More Tears: How to Easily Remove a Broken Downstem from Your Bong

Nobody likes it when their piece breaks, and a common issue is having a broken downstem inside a bong. This can be a tricky –– and sticky job. But fear not if your stem broke off inside your bong. In this guide, we'll help you get that baby out!

Depending on the type of bong that you own and how well the downstem has become stuck or fused within it, some methods may work better than others. Here are a few tips to help get your downstem out of your bong:



1. Begin by carefully inspecting the broken downstem to determine if there is any res or sticky tars on it that could be causing it to fuse with the glass inside the bong. If you notice any, try using a bit of rubbing alcohol and some cotton swabs or paper towels to remove it. This may be enough to help separate the downstem from the glass of the bong, making it easier for you to pull it out.

2. If there is no residue on your broken downstem, try using a pair of pliers or tongs to carefully grasp and pull on the top part of the downstem that is still sticking out of the bong. This may be enough to help it break free and pull out easily.

3. If your broken downstem is completely fused with the glass of your bong, you may need to use some heat in order to get it out. One way to do this is by using a heat gun or blow torch to heat up the glass where the downstem meets it.

This can help soften any tough resins or tars that may be holding them together, making it easier for you to pull the downstem out. However, we strongly encourage extra caution if you decide to use this method because some glass bongs may NOT be resistant to high temperatures.

Removing the broken downstem from your bong

  1. The first step is to get a wire hanger. You will use this to hook onto the broken downstem and fish it out from the bong. To do this, simply bend the wire coat hanger into a hook small enough to fit through the stem.  Fish it down until the hook grabs a side of the stem. (Needle nose pliers may be necessary to bend the hanger to form a hook small enough). how to get a downstem that broke inside a bong out
  2. Once you have your hanger hooked onto your stem, use it to carefully work the broken downstem out of the bong. If the stem is stuck from the built up resin, gently heat the joint where it meets the stem with a torch to soften any resin deposits. Finally, carefully pull out the stem using the hanger. downstem broke in bong
  3. When you have successfully removed the broken downstem, be sure to clean all parts of the bong thoroughly with a bong cleaner or ISO/salt. This way, you'll prevent your new downstem from getting stuck after you replace it. broken downstem stuck inside bong

While these methods may be enough to remove a broken downstem from most bongs, there are some models that may require a bit more intensive care. If you find that you are unable to remove the broken downstem on your own, it may be a good idea to seek professional help from a glassblower or a trusted stoner engineer who is experienced in these types of issues.

Still, with some patience and the right tools, you can get that bad boy out in no time. Just follow the steps we outlined above and you'll have your bong back to normal in no time. Don't forget to give it a good clean afterward - we recommend our amazing bong cleaner to get the job done right. Thanks for reading and happy smoking!

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