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Germany 1995, renown glassblower Martin Birzle embarks on a journey to establish what is now recognized as the revolutionary premium smoking culture, ROOR. The company has remained synonymous with fine quality glass in the handblown glass industry. For years ROOR has meticulously designed and manufactured superior scientific glass. Utilizing German Duran Schott glass and quality workmanship, ROOR bongs have proved to be well worth the investment.


Here at Tokenologies we have a great selection of ROOR and ROOR Tech water pipes for you to choose from. For more than 15 years we have sold and shipped ROOR bongs and have yet to disappoint! This particularly premium smokeware has satisfied the needs of people seeking a great quality bong. Over the years we have collected the best ROOR bongs to provide for you. Each ROOR water pipe is authenticated with an authenticator seal and their original boxes. The glassblower draws each ROOR pipe with their signature for legitimate authenticity. 

Our line of ROOR TECH bongs are ROOR's newer line of scientific glass focusing primarily on functionality. Though the collection of Classic ROORs have phenomenal function, these ROOR TECH bongs kick it up a notch. Featuring elaborate and innovated percolators, stems, and diffusers, ROOR TECH is by far a leader in functional scientific glass. Unlike classic ROOR bongs that include a signature, the ROOR TECH line does not include a signature mainly to preserve a clean scientific design. To verify that your ROOR bong is legit, feel free to scan the QR code or enter the ID code provided on the ROOR Authenticator seal on each bong at