About Us

Tokenologies is a family owned and operated online headshop, and we take great pride in the handblown functional art that’s made right here in the USA. As the cannabis industry grows, legal herb consumers deserve premium smoking solutions that are trusted and accessible.


The art of glass has been intertwined with the canna culture for decades. For over fifteen years we’ve been feeding our passion for glass and sharing it for the next generation of canna consumers. We offer elaborate bongs, dab rigs, pipes and accessories that serve a tangible function through diffusion, combustion, and vaporization.

We believe that the experience you have with your favorite piece is a bond weighted by a unique combination of art, science, and function. Glass and its long tradition with legal herbs needs to be preserved and passed on through education and the curiosity behind how smoke is diffused, cooled, and filtered through glass bongs and dab rigs.