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Bong Cleaners

The importance of keeping your glass clean is vital to maintaining it's optimal performance and a polished appearance. A dirty bong, dab rig or pipe can appear unpleasant to smoke out of and can alter the smoking experience in a negative manner.

Save yourself from an unpleasantly harsh toke

When smoke travels through your piece, resins and tars naturally build up in your glass over time. Even though much of it is seized in the bong water, eventually the accumulation of the tars and resins will need to be cleaned. Luckily our selection of bong cleaners have been proven effective at eliminating residue maintaining your glass nice and polished.

Regularly changing your bong water and rinsing your bong with hot water can assist with build up in the long haul.

Ol' Reliable

Our bong cleaners have been widely used for years. Known for their simplicity, safety, and effectiveness our bong cleaners are essential for maintaining a clean, shiny piece. No need for scrubbing or scratching the sticky residue off, our bong cleaners like Randy's Black Label or Formula 420 effortlessly lift that nasty sludge off. Also by not scrubbing/scraping, you're saving your bong from developing scratches and will save your glass from looking dull and shabby over time.