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        ZOB Glass

        ZOB Glass

        With an over 20 year history in the production of glass bongs, it's no surprise why ZOB Glass continues to strive in the scientific glass bong industry.

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        Made in the U.S.A

        ZOB Glass is located and manufactured in Los Angeles, California, USA.They're made by American glassblowers in the South Bay using American boro (borosilicate) glass. By being made in America, you can bet that ZOB Glass delivers precision welds and excellent glass clarity. This is because American factories, such as ZOB's facility, are held to higher quality standards when it comes to quality control, material traceability, and customer feedback.

        Get a bong that'll last you a lifetime.

        ZOB Glass uses the same transparent borosilicate glass found in science laboratories. Boro glass can withstand extreme temperatures, thus, making a well-built bong probable. These bongs, bubblers and dab rigs are known to have very strong joints, evenly blown welds and reinforced percolators. Unlike imported glass bongs that are typically roughly grainy in quality, you can physically feel the smoothness of each ZOB piece. This is all made possible with the use of American borosilicate glass!

        Easy to clean

        These bongs are designed with simplicity. No crazy out-of-the-ordinary percs or hard-to-reach curves make these ZOB pipes easy to clean. Just use a good glass cleaner or 99% isopropyl alcohol with salt to eliminate residue.

        From the birth of ZOB Glass in the late 1990s to today, they have created innovative ways to make the smoking experience better. One iconic example is the Wubbler bong: a combination of a water pipe and a bubbler. ZOB also touts its creation of the Zobello Perc – innovative perc that disperses small bubbles through a unique cylinder which creates excellent diffusion and creates visually stunning function. They offer a wide selection of percolators such as inline percs, flat disc percs, 8-arm tree percs, UFO percs, and many more. Whether you're using a simple OG beaker bong or an inline Wubbler, you're guaranteed to always get a smooth smoke. 

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        Fun Facts:

        • ZOB: Instrumentum Percolatus – ZOB stands for Zion Of Babylon. Instrumentum is a Latin word that means "instrument, equipment, paraphernalia". Percolatus is also a Latin verb for "filtered, percolated"
        • ZOB Glass Logo – Ever wondered what the 4 stars on some ZOB logos mean? The 4 stars are universally known as indicated by four stars on an insignia. rated or considered as being of the highest quality, especially as indicated by four printed stars assigned in some rating systems: like a four-star restaurant.


        ZOB Glass bongs for sale

        Find your new ZOB bong in our inventory below. We offer a selection of the best-selling ZOB glass pipes in their catalog. Order your new ZOB Glass bong on our online store today, and have it shipped to your doorstep for free! We offer free standard shipping. Shipping takes approximately 1-4 business days for shipments in the West/Midwest, and 5-7 business days for shipments in the Central/East.

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