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        Cheap Bongs

        Cheap Glass Bongs For Sale

        Are you on a budget but also shopping for a brand new quality bong? Find a great quality bong at a fraction of what the competitors are selling at Tokenologies | The Online Headshop! 

        We Understand Everybody's Budget Is Different

        We seek the most affordable prices on great quality bongs. For more than 15 years, we've acquired long-term relationships with direct glassblowers and dependable distributors to provide you with cheap low-priced bongs for your economical needs.

        We Believe Cheap Bongs Shouldn't Skimp Out In Quality

        Many online headshops often associate Cheap Bongs with poor quality, scaled down, low-grade materials. While some of these factors may contribute to their low prices, here at Tokenologies we refuse to skimp out in true quality for our customers. We make sure cheap bongs should refer to their cheap price and not their cheap quality. Customers shouldn't expect a cheaply made 6 Inch. plastic water pipe for the same price as our good quality mini diamond glass beaker with a diffused stem, ice pinches and thick glass. Also, cheap priced bongs shouldn't exclusively be scaled down to save money. You'll also find large, thick glass bongs like the 13 Inch Diamond Glass Beaker Bong in our collection of cheap priced bongs. We hope you find your next perfect bong that fits your budget.