How to tell if a ROOR glass bong is fake

How To Spot Fake RooR Glass Bongs In 2023

How To Spot Fake RooR Glass Bongs In 2023

Like many popular high-ticket designer products, fakes are notorious for flooding the market to rip off consumers. RooR®'s worldwide success in the counterculture industry made them an unfortunate target for knockoffs. Their pipes are sold everywhere across the globe and even down the street in your local smoke shop. So, how can you tell if the RooR you bought or want to purchase is legit?

No seal, no deal.

In early 2018, RooR® glass began adding an authentication seal on each of its pipes to combat the counterfeit market.

"It is like a fingerprint for every product. This system is already used to protect high-quality wines worldwide." - RooR Germany

The authenticator seal consists of a unique, tamper-proof bubble tag with an alphanumeric ID and QR code. To verify if your RooR is real, simply enter your tag's 14-character ID on RooR's authentication page.

Tip: How to determine if your RooR was made in Germany or USA? This only works if you have an authentication tag.

Check the front of your tag where the logo is displayed. Next, locate where it says, ".com or .de". USA-made pieces will have a "" domain suffix, whereas German-made bongs will say "".

Check the signature.

Unless it's a RooR Tech® water pipe, every RooR bong should contain a signature. It's a quick indication that it's fake if it doesn't have one. According to the company, the signature isn't uniquely signed by the blower or artist as many people believe. It's actually an indicator of the specs for each pipe that's made during production!

The side on which the signature is displayed doesn't matter. However, be alarmed if it's hugging the joint or located above the neck of the bong. 

Pay attention to the dots. There should only be 2 dots. If there are more or less than that, then odds are that it's not real.

Look at the logo.

Make sure to spot the registered trademark (®) symbol on the logo. Also, just because the logo is a certain color or design doesn't make it fake. 

Be sure that the decal isn't reversed, doesn't have both R's flipped or has any funky added words to the logo. The decal shouldn't pass below the ice pinch. It's probably not the real deal if it breaks any of these rules!

Is the ice catcher off?

The ice pinch shouldn't be in the middle of the pipe's neck. Be alarmed if you notice that the ice catcher is higher than where it should be located. It should only have 3 pinches (notches). If you see one that has more or less than 3 ice pinches, run away and never look back!

Rubber grommet joints.

This one's easily a dead give-away because RooR's founder, Martin Birzle, is accredited for inventing glass-on-glass joints in 1995. To preserve the legacy, an authentic RooR will not use a rubber grommet joint.

RooR Tech® or a fake with percs?

Beware of shops selling fake bongs with percs. Some may try to pass these off as RooR Tech. The decal must always say RooR Tech® rather than just RooR® if it has any percs.

Pick up the glass.

Lastly, just pick up the glass and inspect it yourself. They should have some weight and shouldn't be light even if it's 5mm (thinnest they produce). Feel the glass. Is it thin or does the glass feel grainy? RooR uses German Schott glass and should have a very polished finish.

Know the difference, don't be hustled into wasting your money on counterfeit RooR.

For additional resources refer to RooR's Pinterest board of counterfeit bongs. Here you'll see the many fakes people have spotted. DO NOT buy it if it looks like any of those pieces.

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great piece of information.. i was hesitant to purchase a roor with percs (not roor tech) from a smoke shop in my town. but i think i’ll save myself 3 blue faces and buy 2 zips with that instead haha

tee wallace

Hey there – I ordered a Roor Abyss from and it did not have a signature. I asked and they said the 3.2 glass models don’t get sigs. Of course it has the tags.

Russ Havens

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