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  • Diamond Glass Reclaim Dab Catcher with Removable Silicone Cup for Efficient Wax Reuse
    Durable Diamond Glass Dab Catcher: Removable Silicone Cup for Wax Preservation and Rig Maintenance
    Diamond Glass® 14mm Dab Reclaim Catchers
    $34.99 $50.00
  • diamond sapphire gavel bubbler bong
    sapphire bubbler bong by diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® Mallet 2.0 Sidecar Bubbler Bong
    $59.99 $80.00
  • Stem Perc Dab Rig by Diamond Glass. Includes Bowl Piece and Banger
    Dab rig with a stem percolator.
    Diamond Glass® Stem Perc Dab Rig
    $89.99 $125.00
  • 8" inch beaker bong by diamond glass
    mini beaker bong diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® 8” Mini Beaker Bong
    $49.99 $67.00
  • Freezable Nectar Collector Kit - Titanium Nail Straw & Glass Tray
    Dab Straw Set with Freezable Liquid Chamber - Nectar Collector Kit
    Freezable Nectar Collector Kit
    $64.99 $88.00
  • 14mm bowl piece by diamond glass
    diamond glass bowl piece 14mm male in black
    Diamond Glass® 14mm Radiant Bowl Piece
    $34.99 $47.00
  • Diamond Glass Bowl Piece Shaped like a gemstone jewel
    gemstone bowl piece
    Diamond Glass® 14mm Jewel Bowl Piece
    $34.99 $47.00
  • cubed bowl piece
    cube bowl piece
    Diamond Glass® 14mm Cube Bowl Piece
    $34.99 $47.00
  • Premium Diamond Glass Ash Catcher - 14mm
    Crystal Clear Showerhead Ash Catcher - Top-notch 90 Degree Design
    Diamond Glass® 14mm Ash Catcher w/ Showerhead Perc
    $44.99 $65.00
  • Diamond Glass® 14mm Ash Catcher w/ Tree Perc
    Diamond Glass® 14mm Ash Catcher w/ Tree Perc
    Diamond Glass® 14mm Ash Catcher w/ Tree Perc
    $44.99 $65.00
  • ash catcher with honey comb perc and showerhead percolators
    honeycomb perc on ash catcher by diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® 14mm Honeycomb Showerhead Ash Catcher
    $64.99 $82.00
  • diamond glass mini pendant rig
    pendant bong
    Diamond Glass® Pendant Rig
    $49.99 $67.00
  • mini straight bong single notch ice catcher
    modern diamond glass straight tube bong 8 inches tall
    Diamond Glass® 8” Straight Bong 2.0
    $49.99 $80.00
  • diamond glass minitube matrix bong
    matrix percolator in the diamond coil bong
    Diamond Glass® Mini Matrix Bubbler Bong
    $74.99 $95.00
  • diamond glass matrix perc
    diamond glass ufo perc
    Diamond Glass® 10" Matrix Perc Beaker Bong
    $114.99 $153.00
  • 16 Inch Diamond Glass Beaker Bong with Gold Label
    Clear Beaker Bong: Gold Label Diamond Glass Decal
    Diamond Glass® 16" Gold Label Beaker Bong
    $99.97 $135.00
  • matte sandblasted beaker bong by diamond glass
    black beaker bong by diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® 16" Matte Beaker Bong
    $139.99 $179.99
  • Diamond Glass 18 inch bong
    Diamond Glass beaker bong
    Diamond Glass® 18” Classic Beaker Bong
    $109.99 $147.00
  • diamond beast mode beaker bong by diamond glass in black and milk blue accents
    black diamond glass beast beaker water pipe
    Diamond Glass® Beast-Mode Beaker Bong
    $109.99 $147.00
  • Diamond glass mini bong
    diamond glass straight bong
    Diamond Glass® 10” Straight Tube Bong
    $54.99 $74.00
  • diamond glass straight
    diamond glass plain bong
    Diamond Glass® 12” Classic Straight Tube Bong
    $84.99 $114.00
  • sandblasted straight tube bong in matte blue by diamond glass
    diamond glass matte bong
    Diamond Glass® 16" Matte Straight Tube Bong
    $139.99 $159.99
  • straight tube bong with gold label by diamond glass
    scientific bong straight shooter 16 inches
    Diamond Glass® 16" Gold Label Straight Bong
    $99.00 $135.00
  • diamond glass bongs
    Diamond Glass straight bong
    Diamond Glass® 16" Straight Tube Bong
    $99.99 $133.00
  • diamond glass 8" inch bong with a showerhead perc
    mini beaker bong with dome perc by diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® 8" Beaker Bong W/ Showerhead Perc
    From $89.99
    From $89.99 $133.00
  • sherlock holmes style glass pipe for weed
    carb hole on a pipe
    Diamond Glass® Sherlock Holmes Pipe
    $49.99 $62.00
  • Diamond Glass® Glycerine Icy Pipe
    Diamond Glass® Glycerine Icy Pipe
    Diamond Glass® Glycerine Icy Pipe
    $44.99 $67.00
  • california glass pipe
    diamond glass california
    Diamond Glass® California Sherlock Pipe
    $54.99 $74.00
  • freeze ice pipes for sale
    Diamond Glass Freezable Pipe
    Diamond Glass® Freezable Pipes
    From $44.99
    From $44.99 $67.00
  • sherlock style weed pipe by diamond glass
    sherlock glass pipe for weed
    Diamond Glass® Sherlock Pipe
    $39.99 $55.00
  • Diamond Glass Dab Rig - Premium Two-Toned Bong with Inline Perc
    Inline Perc Bong - Diamond Glass Dab Rig for Smooth Rips
    Diamond Glass® Dual-Toned Inline Perc Bubbler Bong
    $129.99 $175.00
  • Recycling dab rig by diamond glass in color blue
    recycler dab rig by diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® Microscope 6" Recycler Dab Rig
    $99.98 $133.00
  • orange dab rig with matrix perc by diamond gold glass
    matrix percolator provided by diamond glass bongs rigs and pipes
    Diamond Glass® Matrix Perc Dab Rig
    $129.99 $140.00
  • 10 arm tree perc bubbler bong by diamond glass
    10 arm tree perc bong diamond glass company
    Diamond Glass® 10-Arm Tree Perc Bubbler Bong
    $119.99 $160.00
  • 5 arm tree perc dab rig by diamond glass
    tree perc bong diamond gold glass
    Diamond Glass® 5-Arm Tree Perc Dab Rig
    $119.99 $160.00
  • diamond gum gum beaker bong
    ribbed bong
    Diamond Glass® Gum-Gum 16" Beaker Bong
    $169.99 $227.00
  • straight tube bong with matrix showerhead perc by diamond glass
    matrix showerhead perc
    Diamond Glass® 15" Straight Tube Bong w/ Matrix Perc
    $169.99 $227.00
  • Diamond Glass Bong with ufo perc
    Diamond Glass Inc
    Diamond Glass® 16” Beaker Bong With UFO Perc
    $149.99 $200.00
  • swiss perc dab rig by diamond glass
    pink dab rig with swiss perc and showerhead perc. Made by Diamond Glass
    Diamond Glass® Swiss Dab Rig w/ Showerhead Perc
    $139.99 $170.00
  • incycler showerhead dab rig
    incycler dab rigs
    Diamond Glass® Incycler Showerhead Dab Rig
    $139.99 $180.00
  • incycler dab rig
    gridded inline dab rig
    Diamond Glass® 6" Gridded Incycler Dab Rig
    $149.99 $200.00
  • diamond glass dab rig with jet percolator in color black
    jet perc matrix
    Diamond Glass® 9” Jet Perc Dab Rig
    $144.99 $193.00
  • dab rig with sphere ball perc
    wig wag sphere perc dab rig by diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® Sphere Perc Dab Rig
    $144.99 $193.00
  • This image shows a recycler dab rig by diamond glass. It's teal in color, and features a cool incycler system
    recycler dab rig by diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® 8" Showerhead Klein Incycler Dab Rig
    $179.99 $240.00
  • diamond glass double tree perc bong
    amber double perc dab rig by diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® Double Tree Perc Dab Rig
    $209.99 $280.00
  • diamond glass recycler rig
    recycler dab rig diamond glass
    Diamond Glass® Bell Recycler Dab Rig w/ Matrix Perc
    $199.99 $266.00
  • recycler dab rig for sale
    matrix recycler dab rig
    Diamond Glass® Fountain Recycler Rig w/ Reverse Matrix Perc
    $249.99 $320.00
  • 7mm thick beaker bong with 8-arm tree perc
    tree percolator bongs for sale
    Diamond Glass® 7mm Beaker Bong w/ 8-Arm Tree Perc
    $144.99 $193.00

DIAMOND GLASS® | Bongs, Rigs, and More

Sick of searching everywhere for a piece that won't break the bank? We totally get it – those sketchy online shops and mid local smoke shops can be a real buzzkill.

But fear not, because we're here to light up your sessions with a solution that's as easy as a puff on your favorite strain – Authentic Diamond Glass® Bongs!

diamond glass bongs

What is Diamond Glass?

Diamond Glass Inc. is the leader in scientific bongs, pipes, dab rigs, ash catchers, and more. Based here in Southern California, USA.

DG offers well-built glass bongs at an affordable price that competitors can't beat! Moreover, they provide substantially made and functional water pipes that have been proven admissible in the smoking industry for years.



DG takes great pride in the craftsmanship of its pipes. The reason is that they utilize superior manufacturing. As a result, their products contain only the cleanest welds, thickest glass, and strongest joints!


Their team regularly discovers new ways to improve your smoke sessions. For example, they deploy a huge implementation of sweet percolators and diffusers. They certainly capitalize on function. Some of our favorite staff picks evidently include the matrix percbarrel perc, and tree perc!

Aren't a fan of cleaning a perc bong? That's okay because there are plenty of simple pipes to choose from. In fact, our best-selling beaker bong doesn't have any percs.


The brand consists of a versatile line of smoking products. For this reason, there's a water pipe to keep any smoker happy. Therefore, you'll find a tube for special occasions, communal gatherings, or solo sessions. 

We carry a variety of glass products in our collection to decide on. Without a doubt, you'll find different color options for your piece to stand out. Furthermore, you can personalize your bong by choosing your favorite color, or discovering what fits your style best.


DG's water pipes are made from boro (borosilicate) scientific glass. Thus, it contributes to their clean and crisp quality. Borosilicate can withstand extreme temperatures compared to regular glass.

This is ultimately due to an element in Boro material called boron trioxide. That's because boron trioxide allows for a low coefficient of thermal expansion to take on high heat.

Surely, these glass pipes are durable as a result of great-quality tubing.


Diamond Glass is headquartered in Pomona, CA, USA. Evidently, their super functional pieces are made possible because USA-based workshops remain a matter of utmost quality control.

These dab rigs, water pipes, and ash catchers are well-built and tailored to last a long haul. Unlike mass-produced Chinese bongs that are generally flimsy and lack consistent quality.

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Your Diamond glass bong, pipe, or bubbler is simple to clean. You only need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol—70% works fine; 90% works better
  • Coarse salt

Salt is not required, however, it will aid in scraping bits of resin.

You may also purchase our formulated bong cleaners, specially designed to dissolve tars and resins.

 How to clean your glass in 7 easy steps:
  1. If the piece is a bong or bubbler, drain the water.
  2. Pour cleaner (or salt/alcohol) into the tube.
  3. Cover the holes, then shake it for a few seconds.
  4. Pour the salt/alcohol mixture out.
  5. Make sure there is no salt or alcohol left by rinsing with warm water.
  6. Dry it out until there is no longer an alcohol odor (usually an hour or so)
  7. Repeat if needed.
For tougher resins, allow your glass to soak in alcohol for several hours or overnight to remove difficult tar. After pouring out the cleaner (or alcohol/salt), you may use a pipe brush to scrape it.
Tip: When cleaning your Diamond Glass piece, be careful not to break it! Cleaning typically takes place close to a porcelain or metal sink, which is a high-risk area for shattering. Mainly because it involves aggressively shaking your glass piece. To prevent it from breaking on a countertop, you can set your bong on an old rag.


We understand that you're concerned about your Diamond Glass pipe breaking during the shipping process. So we make every effort to ensure each order leaves our fulfillment center safely packed.

We protect our products by wrapping the items with thick bubble wrap. Each of your bong's compartments like the downstem and bowl piece is also safely wrapped. This way, it'll absorb impact from the smallest vibrations due to handling during shipment. We use packing foam peanuts to provide extra cushioning and prevent shifting.

ShipSurance® Included With Every Order

All of our orders are insured and cover loss, damage, and shortage while packages are in transit. If you need to file a shipment claim, please contact us.

shipping insurance

Discreet Packaging 🤫

We ship every Diamond Glass order in a plain brown shipping box or a standard USPS box. We avoid putting any logos, labels, or loud packaging to maintain anonymity for your convenience.


Are you looking for a high-quality bubbler to give you the best smoking experience?

Need a gift for a fellow dabber who loves wax and only wants the highest quality dab rig for the price?

Want to buy a water pipe to suit your home style or to look great as a centerpiece?

Shop Diamond Glass Bongs On Our Website!

Don't settle for bad-quality bongs and boring burners.

You deserve to use the best quality glass bong to have a high-quality experience every time you smoke. 

Why Choose Us? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons:

We provide FREE shipping with ShipSurance® included for all orders.

Our Diamond Glass products are high-functioning, attractive, and make a perfect gift.

Our variety of bongs means that there's something to suit every style.

diamond glass sherlock bubbler

Need More Reasons To Choose Our Products?

  1. Affordable Bongs And Dab Rigs For Any Budget
  2. Thick Glass Means You Never Compromise On Quality
  3. Huge Variety In Sizes And Shapes
  4. Free US Shipping On All Diamond Glass Throughout Our Website
  5. American Manufacturing

Get Your New Water Pipe Today.

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