Compton Grinders 4 Piece Herb Grinder

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Compton Grinders 4 Piece Herb Grinder


The 4-piece dry herb grinder by Compton Grinders

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum is the durable and efficient metal grinder you need. It has ultra-sharp, superior-quality teeth to provide you with a fluffy and even consistency all the time and Teflon O-rings at the edges for smooth grinding action.
The anodized finish increases the herbal grinderā€™s durability and prevents pealing as it makes the grinder scratch-resistant. This Compton 4 piece herb grinder is also the best kief collector thanks to the stainless steel screen that catches all the kief while you grind.

What Makes This Herb Grinder Stand Out?


    • AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM: this herb grinder by Compton Grinders is made of high-quality aluminum that stands the test of time and makes the grinder extra tough. The chambers open quickly even after extended use, and there is no risk for metal debrisĀ falling off in your herbs.

    • NEODYMIUM MAGNET:Ā Compton Grindersā€™ herbal grinders contain one of the strongest earth magnets in the market to reduce spilling your herbs. It also keeps the leftover herbs fresh and makes the grinder smell proof as it has excellent odor control.

    • RAZOR-SHARP DIAMOND CUTTING BLADES:Ā the Compton Grinder 4-piece herb grinder has perfectly shaped, razor- sharp teeth to maximize the cutting efficiency and provide you with an even and fluffy herb consistency. A Lifetime Warranty on the cutting teeth is also included.

      • BUILT-IN LOADING ZONE: the dry herb grinder has a loading zone that is practically a clean space where you can load your herbs easily and make sure that you pack the ideal amount of product.

    • STAINLESS STEEL REMOVABLE SCREEN: the 4-piece grinder is also a perfect kief catcher. At the bottom of the metal grinder, there is a screen where all the crystals and trichomes fall while you grind.

      The Compton Grinders 4-piece herb grinder is here to make grinding easier than ever and help you have the perfect ground herb whenever you want.

      Now you donā€™t have to settle for cheaply made herb grinders, flimsy metal grinders, or low-quality 4- piece grinders with blunt blades anymore.
      The Compton Grinders 4-piece herb grinder is here to make grinding easier than ever and help you have the perfect ground herb whenever you want.

      Top 3 Reasons Why Grind Users Choose The Compton Grinders Herb Grinder:

      1. SAVE TIME AND EFFORT: the 4-piece herb grinder is more convenient to use and clean than average grinders.
      2. MAKE A WORTHY INVESTMENT: our dry herb grinder has an affordable price, and thanks to the superior-quality aluminum, it will stand the test of time.
      3. USE IT AS HERB SAVER GRINDER: the 4-piece grinder can even be used as a small portable storage container for your herbs.

      Need More Reasons?

      - Pollen Reservoir
      - Self-locating Thread Technology
      - Designed for Back and Forth Cutting Motion


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