Ice Catcher Bongs

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The ice catcher, also referred to as an ice pinch, are notches or inward pointed indents on the neck of a bong. Ice catchers serve as an optional way to significantly cool your smoking experience.

The ice catcher acts as a trap for ice cubes, so they offer the option of dropping the ice cubes directly into the neck of the bong. The ice pinch is especially designed to prevent the ice from falling into the bong's base. Thus, preventing the ice from damaging your percolators.

Filling your bong with ice cubes can result in a much smoother, cooler and a more enjoyable toke. Many ice bongs in our collection are combined with percolators to further enhance the smoking experience, so choose which awesome bong is right for you! The ice catcher serves as an optional use and can still produce a good smoke even without the use of ice via water diffusion and filtration.