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        Diamond Glass


        Diamond Glass Inc. manufactures American-made bongs, pipes, dab rigs, ash catchers and more. Their products are made by American glassblowers here in Southern California, USA. DG offers well-built scientific glass bongs at an affordable price that competitors can't beat! Their company is dedicated to providing substantially made and functional water pipes, proving admissible in the glass pipe industry for years.

        diamond glass bongs



        DG takes great pride in the quality of their glass bongs by utilizing American manufacturing. This means that their pipes contain only the cleanest welds, strongest joints, and reinforced percs. USA glass workshops remain a matter of utmost quality control, resulting in substantially made and super functional pieces.


        With a huge implementation of sweet percolators and diffusers, they just do not skimp out on function! Their team regularly creates new ways to improve your smoke sessions. Some of our favorite staff picks include the matrix perc, barrel perc, and tree perc!

        Not a fan of cleaning a perc bong? That's okay, there are plenty of simple pipes to choose from. In fact, our best-selling beaker bong doesn't have any percs. Whether you're a fan of crazy percolators or not, one thing is for certain – Diamond Glass definitely follows the science of how smoke is diffused, cooled, and filtered to give you the best smoking experience.


        The brand consists of a versatile line of smoke products. From super thick 18-inch beakers to mini 8-inch straight pipes, there's a water pipe to keep any smoker happy. You'll find a piece for special occasions, communal gatherings, or solo sessions. 

        Many bongs in our collection have different color options for your piece to stand out. Personalize your Diamond bong by choosing your favorite color, or by finding what fits your style the most.


        DG's water pipes are composed of boro (borosilicate) scientific glass. This contributes to their clean and crisp quality. Unlike cheap regular glass, this type of glass will not crack under extreme temperatures due to an element in Boro glass called boron trioxide. Boron Trioxide allows for a low coefficient of thermal expansion to take on high heat.

        To put it more simply, these glass pipes are made from durable, and great-quality glass tubing.


        Diamond Glass' bongs, pipes, and dab rigs are locally blown by American glassblowers in Southern California. They're crafted to high standards.

        These dab rigs, water pipes, and accessories are well-built and are tailored to last you for a long haul. Unlike imported Chinese bongs that are generally mass-produced, flimsy, and lack consistent quality.

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        Are you looking for a high-quality bubbler to give you the best smoking experience?

        Need a gift for a fellow dabber who loves wax and only wants the highest quality dab rig for the price?

        Want to buy a water pipe to suit your home style or to look great as a centerpiece?

        Introducing Diamond Glass Bongs!

        Don't settle for bad-quality bongs and boring burners.

        You deserve to use the best quality glass bong to have a high-quality experience every time you smoke. 

        Why Choose Diamond Glass? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons:

        We know the experience you have with your favorite piece is a bond weighted by a unique combination of quality, functionality and affordability. 

        All of that is combined in Diamond Glass' high-functioning, attractive, and innovative products.

        Clear or colorful bongs, the coolest looking dab rigs, and out-of-this-world hand pipes mean that there's something to suit every style.

        diamond glass sherlock bubbler

        Need More Reasons To Choose Diamond Glass?

        ✔️ Affordable Bongs And Dab Rigs For Any Budget

        ✔️ Thick Glass Means You Never Compromise On Quality

        ✔️ Huge Variety In Sizes And Shapes

        ✔️ A Great Gift For Smokers, Herb Enthusiasts, And Cannabis Lovers

        ✔️ Manufactured In The USA

        Get Your New Glass Today.

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